Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beat Freaks Crew

I was watching Americas Best Dance Crew, and suddenly this amazing group showed up. They completly caught my attention, doesn't this colorful girl group wish you had red hair? I did! Their hip hop is fantastic, and I've downloaded this video for you. Their theme this week was Magic, and I have no idea how they made the ball fly away like that. Unfortunately they did not win, however they did make some routines that will stick with my head for ever!


Kayla Radomski

Excuse me, but do you see her style in the first vid.?? I just watched this and it's amazing. Really, just watch it! (She's the youngest)

Kayla was my favourite dancer from the beginning, I love how her movments are so beautiful. They're seeking my eyes with such a power, it's a moment when I just wants seconds to last like minutes. The second video is very good, from a dance called addiction. But I guess you've already seen it. The coreograph (surprise: Mia Michaels) AND the dancers. Wants to read more of her? I sure do, just click onto this site: http://http://www.puresytycd.com/2009/06/02/kayla-radomski-before-so-you-think-you-can-dance/

The Moment I Said It

Imogen Heap – The Moment I Said It

This is currently the song my dancecompany is dancing for.. it's very sweet and if you ever wondered it's the same artist who made Hide and Seek, a well used song on SYTYCD with a coreograph made by Mia Michaels (I think?). However this song was used by Kayla in her solo, but only the middle section. Begins with Smash at 02.55 minutes. Do I dare to say I loved that solo? Really inspireing!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesturday I showed you some pictures from the show, and the first photo was taken from a dance piece called Subjazz. I uploaded this video for you, it's not from Khio, but the style is very of alike. Honestly I have to say the other preformance was cooler, with light settings and a sofa at the corner. But you get the point..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dance preformance

A few weeks ago I went to this dance preformance at Khio to watch 2nd and 3rd class preforme dance pieces. I have to say the variation altogether made the whole show pretty interesting. I loved the urban style of the dances, and some had even an influence of hip hop. I certainly wish I was good enough dancer to be accepted into this school!! *a dream has been made*


This summer, I went to London to take dancing classes at Laban contemporary school. It was amazing, we had six hours a day for two weeks, except the weekend. At the end I was exhausted. Not only had we danced almost 60 hours, but on Saturday AND Sunday some friends and I went to the heart of the city and shopped as long (and much) as we could! Of course we had Starbucks on the way.. Shopping, dansing, Starbucks, the Lion King musical and London. PERFECT!